Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In the Rain

I had my good friend Jay, ride his new Harley to Seattle. Apart from being boys on bikes all weekend we decided to do a shoot and try out my new Innovatronix battery pack on my Profoto D1's. I had to put the D1's in garbage bags (likely not recommended by Profoto), but they were loose large bags with plenty of air and rather than travel any distance, we went across the road from my building in Belltown to shoot against an awesome Graffiti wall. The little Innovatronix pack worked awesome. In total, I shoot around 150 shots, most of the time with two lights. One at nearly full power and the other very low. It won't run the 2 lights at full, but after this success I will definitely order another pack.
Here are a couple of the results. I posted the images in HD to my website: Alecwatson.com

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